Guardian Angel…

I have been brought up on a heavy dose of books..i know not when or where i fell i love with the written word..i have an imagination that runs wild and hence everything i read formed a beautiful image right before my eyes..even if i sat still there are a hundred thoughts about people, things and places that run thru my head! 🙂

Fairies, guardian angels all of it have always had a fascination for me and i believe all of us are assigned a guardian angel..someone to hold our hand, someone to look over us…you know superman types 😀 and hence began my wait… for my guardian angel…and it was when i stopped waiting that i found mine one night in the form of a text msg! (weird i knw)!!
but that was the beginning of something beautiful..we have had our moments of laughter, tears, shared our highs and lows, mended a broken heart all of it and it still continues..
Till now i thought i always had found a best friend…and while we spoke last night i realised this was my special guardian angel..always ready to look after me, hold me hand,share my fears and also be the first one to do a reality check if required.I can be sure i can always go to him if i break my heart, run to him when i have those mind blowing ideas and be sure i wnt be laughed at..

After all, I guess i got a little lucky when i decided to reply to that msg! I know being a guardian angel is not a herculian task and with my guardian angel around i m sure nothin can go wrong for when …for after all being my guardian angel is a privilage! 😛