Children bundles of joy….

This idea for putting this down came while i had a nice long chat with my friend…and hence credit for this one goes to him! 🙂

Children..bundles of joy…and also bundles of unexpected… really unexpected surprises! I consider myself truly blessed to be a part of a large family,I have been surrounded by older siblings all the time and then I was the child..pampered, played with all the time,was the face that they would experiment the new makeup, try out hairstyles..all of it!

Many a years have passed by my older cousins have grown up..moved out of the house and have started familes of their own and have been blessed with wonderful daughters..yes..our family (i think should be considered by the Govt of India in promoting the welfare of the girl chid 😉 )
Now its my turn, as an aunt to be everything that their mothers have been wonderful friends, loving sisters..all of it…This weekend was a wonderful sister i m sure would disagree on this..that i m quiet a hit with children..she would say “chechi and kids…they all run away from her just because she has eyes as big as saucers! :P” but not this time…infact all of them bonded with me..I braided their hair,played with them and listened to all the stories and shared their excitment of having us around them and all they had to say including some of the really classic comments they had to say about marriages and being married!can you beat that!? :-/

This weekend I didnt feel one bit older..infact felt younger…on my way back i looked out the train window and thought back to those lovely days of being a kid and to those 3 days..and all i can think is I have a huge packet of lovely memories all tightly packed and sealed…”memories of a lifetime” all at some point in life will make me smile!


Simple Joys of Life….

I love smiling…and I take an extra pleasure in making people smile! 🙂 There is nothing like a smile that can brighten a day, make u skip a heart beat, make you come across as a friendly person…all of it… and all it takes is a smile… I believe in the simple joys of life…simple things, thoughtful actions all make me smile.

Having stayed so far away from home and having lived in hostels all through college…that has been my home ground of learning where the it’s the simple joys in life that matter…from that occasional ‘thank you’ notes, to that big bear hug when you are down, to surprise b’day parties, and the waarm fuzzies game all of it made you smile…even those midnite snacks had their special charm!

A while back, me and a friend attended the Sunday mass there was this really sweet girl who was really nt interested in ahem… the mass..but fascinated by this ant trying to make its way under her chair! 🙂 as we watched she quietly slipped down her chair and found a twig to distract the ant from finding it way and she immediately wld drop the twig when the ant came close to biting her & she would continue again..till she got tired of it!..both of us smiled..childlike innocence..i say!there is nothing like it..:D

Life is such..its the simple things..the rains, the leaves rustling in the wind, the familiar fragnance in the wind that reminds u of some1, that long forgotten song… all of those bring a smile to your face! 🙂 I m sure each of us our little stash of things that give us’s jus that we forget about it.. its always unwind, look for those simple joys.. and do something special that will make some1 else smile…for then and there u find the simple joy’s of life! 🙂