the match-makers….

This is one of the most talked about topic in my life!oh! wait not just my life…i guess in most of my friend’s lives too!!! MARRIAGE!! 😥
I guess it’s those phases in life that when its starts…till you just dnt give into the pressure it jus doesn stop!

The moment a girl steps outta college..her parent’s are worried that she might just find herself someone who is hmmm..well not the rite person and screw up the rest of her life..hence they set themselves and everyone else on the MAN Hunt.. oops…;) i mean the groom Hunt! 🙂

but while the hunt begins these are some of the interesting things ( read as very annoying ) that i came across..which some of you all might agree…and some might not!

1.Every proposal that comes or every boy ur parents meet is a “nice boy” and an “eligible bachelor”
2. What if he is not al that “hep”, but his family is too good…one of those ancient families
3. suddenly your parents would want to meet your girlfriend’s parents and wants you to attend all their weddings..hoping that u manage to find nice men there!
4. This is one is classic! They bring you weird proposals from boy’s whose names r ‘Romeo’, imagine being married to someone like tht…i mean like what do u expect me to do…cut all my relations with my friends and live with the ridicule for the rest of my life!?
5. N then comes famous line all parents give their children…”we hardly knew each other when we got married..i m sure you will like him once you get married!” n like what am i to do if i dnt?!! :-/
6. sudenly people you have never seen in your life..will land up at ur doorsteps..all proclaiming to be some relative of urs!even their driver or other people give their valuable comments & bring u marriage proposals!
7.and when they insist you meet someone!they give u instructions on being the well behaved girl, its against the rules to talk more than 15 mins and if you exceed half an hour somebody from the family starts walking up & down ( u have no idea how excellent their non verbal communication can be) and if it’s one hour they think u have already planned ur future with that guy! what i fail to how the hell am i supposed to decide my future in 15 minutes!
8.Every b’day after a living nightmare!they jus remind u every year and all thru that u r getting old and nobody will marry u!ya rite, like all the men are gonna disappear or they ar all gonna turn saints! 😉
9.after they give up tryin to find u the perfect groom they give u the option to find ur self the man of ur choice…yayaya..i knw but wait even b4 i cna be happy a list follow “educated, well to do, mallu christian boy only!!!” bah!! there goes my hopes & dreams!
10. I cant think of a last reason tried really hard!:) well someday i’ll fill it in!
Not that i have anythin against anyone blissfully married or gettin’s jus that i haven found someone who wouldn wanna make me rewrite these reasons..but let’s hope i do!
Till then happy reading… 😀 while i go home to attend my cousin’s wedding and deal with these above mentioned annoying reasons! 🙂