A year older and wiser! :) happy 26!

I love februrary..and I am most partial to anyone who celebrates their b’day’s ,anniversaries and anything special in this month. There is something romantic and magical that leaves one yearning for more. Less no of working days, the last of the cold winter days, Valentine’s day, mommy’s b’day and my b’day too! 🙂 Ha! now you know the special affinity to this month? Best time to get two gift for special occasions this month! 😀

Last week I turned 26 :)!phew.. I can still go down memory lane and recollect my 16th b’day jokes apart.. time sure has flow by.. I am now ten years older from that day and like everyone else around me I am hoping I have become a bit wiser too, I am sure if you ask my mom she would say I still do the same things that i did when I was 16!:P

Compared to last year’s b’day ( being the 1st after the wedding) this one was quiet with a heart-shaped chocolates, cake to office, dinner at a rooftop restaurant and the best of it all the trip to the North of India ( post on it to follow soon) 😀 where all I did was shop, eat, travel and make loads of memories. 🙂

my heart shaped chocolates 🙂

So as i blew out the candles on each of those cakes( 3 of them i had) I made a few chotti si wishes to bring me good luck, happiness, loads of money so that i can travel, shop and holiday at some of the best places and celebrate many more b’days with darling hubby and loved ones!

The point of this post.. really don’t know.. maybe to show off the three b’day cakes and the heart-shaped chocolates 🙂 or just a small note to self that I had a wonderful b’day! 😀

the b'day cake sent by hubby 😀

The 3rd cake for the day @ dinner 🙂


Simple Joys of Life….

I love smiling…and I take an extra pleasure in making people smile! 🙂 There is nothing like a smile that can brighten a day, make u skip a heart beat, make you come across as a friendly person…all of it… and all it takes is a smile… I believe in the simple joys of life…simple things, thoughtful actions all make me smile.

Having stayed so far away from home and having lived in hostels all through college…that has been my home ground of learning where the it’s the simple joys in life that matter…from that occasional ‘thank you’ notes, to that big bear hug when you are down, to surprise b’day parties, and the waarm fuzzies game all of it made you smile…even those midnite snacks had their special charm!

A while back, me and a friend attended the Sunday mass there was this really sweet girl who was really nt interested in ahem… the mass..but fascinated by this ant trying to make its way under her chair! 🙂 as we watched she quietly slipped down her chair and found a twig to distract the ant from finding it way and she immediately wld drop the twig when the ant came close to biting her & she would continue again..till she got tired of it!..both of us smiled..childlike innocence..i say!there is nothing like it..:D

Life is such..its the simple things..the rains, the leaves rustling in the wind, the familiar fragnance in the wind that reminds u of some1, that long forgotten song… all of those bring a smile to your face! 🙂 I m sure each of us our little stash of things that give us joy..it’s jus that we forget about it.. its always good..to unwind, look for those simple joys.. and do something special that will make some1 else smile…for then and there u find the simple joy’s of life! 🙂