When the husband takes over the kitchen! ;)

I, like most people grew up in a household where mum did all the cooking. The moment she walked in through the door at 4 in the evening we were all over her asking her what’s for tea and then what’s for dinner :). I am sure she used to dread walking back home just because of that one question. So when I decided to get married I had, somewhere in the back of my head to find someone who knew how to cook and guess what I did! 🙂 And thus, begins the story of this post! 🙂

So where I am going with this is that I came across this gem of a word during one of those infamous news paper tracking days at my previous job.

“A term used to describe men see cooking as a hobby and not just a chore, taking the household chore part away from it. Gastrosexual men will use six pans when one will do and then leave you with the washing up.”

There was only one person I knew who fit this description extremely well…yes, that most definitely is my better half.

There really is nothing more enticing, ladies..I promise, than a man who can make a meal that too a really fancy one at that. It would be safe to say that I fell hook line and sinker for such a man. So, while I a starry-eyed bride thought that I was one of those lucky few women on earth to have snagged a guy who can sing and cook,little did I know the horrors that were to follow.(maybe I exaggerate a tad bit!)

So like every married couple we played house some days me making the meals and the other days him 🙂 The first few times every time he made dinner/lunch/breakfast I wouldn’t crib about the mess just be the good wife and wash the spoons, plates and the zillion other utensils that were used. But a few months into being married i realized that I was stressing more about the cleaning than enjoying the lavish dinner that was put in front of me.
So,it’s reached a point these days where I just do something else to keep myself occupied; 1) just to resist the urge to walk into the kitchen 2)lest I feel like giving him a lecture about cleaning up which in the end makes me sound like an epic nag and end up spoiling our appetites.

So all you lovely ladies out there,if you think marrying a man who can cook a meal is a wonderful idea make sure you ask him the all important question..can he clean up after the Masterchefy meal that he has prepared for you? If the answer is yes,you have won the Lotto..if not just be nice say thank you for the meal and leave the dishes for tomorrow, that way you do not diminish your chances to get another meal cooked with a lot of love and care!

P.S. After three years I would like to believe that my husband has learned to cook using 2 pans instead of the 6! 😉

2 doors and the caramel pudding! :)

for those few regular readers of my blog..or my assumption that i do have regular readers…I for a change decided to blog about my very interesting married life!all about the 2 doors and the caramel pudding! 🙂

well i completed one month of adventurous married life(yayayyayaya)..ahem now with adventurous i mean you know the loves, the fights, the roothna mannana and a lot of thingsssss oops should cut the ‘sssss’. married life has been a really interesting phase..especially trying to cook something edible for everymeal..atleast once in two days…
and one on such day… i decided to test my culinary skills with my ‘Yan -can-cook’ decendent of a husband beside me we decided to go ahead make the dish, although it was nothing exquisite but something as simple as a caramel custard pudding..one of my favourite sweet dish and the most easiest and anyone can make it! 🙂

armed with my ingredients I set upon “mission caramel custard pudding” it all started on a good note with the bending in of the simple stuff like the sugar, eggs, condense milk etc…happy at being an accomplished chef i proceeded with great Elan to show my husband the next most easiest thing..caramalizing sugar! in went the sugar and the process started..just that I didnt know at which stage should i pour water into it!each time i did the sugar jus crystalized! frustrated at my attempt the only thing i did was just throw out everything and bang the kitchen n bedroom door( 2 doors) to burst into tears!

all this while my husband patiently watched the drama including the door banging sessions ( the things that he was most worried about was we wouldnt be able to afford extra costs for the door repair incase it was damaged! pah!! men I say!!) rushed to my side and did the usual..cajole me out of my bad mood and volunteer to help!!( not like i needed his help) 🙂

oh well! finally i did manage to make caramalized sugar and ended up making a super-duper pudding! i aint praising my self..swear u can ask anyone whose tried it! 😀
guess being married has its own sweet and bitter experiences..a few disasters a few wonderful moments..and few hugs a few kisses..above all someone to share it all with! 🙂

just wanted to tell ya my husband thank you for these moments!! 😀
p.s. Did i say u were cooking dinner tonight!! 😉