Say a little prayer…..

Mornings..the start of a new day…the start of new beginnings and new hopes..thats wat mornings are all about…i m sure most of us start our day with a huge mug of coffee, our favourite section of the news paper, calvin & hobbes, a big bear hug from some1 u love so on & so forth..but stop take a moment and say a little prayer! 🙂 i m sure you weren expecting that one..well i sometimes think its more like tht very essential cuppa of coffee you just cant do without it…hmmm… you know sayin that little prayer! you may never knw who mite need it..think of someone..friends , family i am sure….ur little word of prayer mite help someone somewher and make their otherwise screwed up day a wee better! :d
Try it out..say a little prayer..thank god for someone!and at the end of the day give tht person a call…i m sure they’ll have something gud to share about their day n dnt fret if they dnt..keep sayin tht word of prayer somewher..sometime i sure somebody will benefit from it! 🙂