“As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment.”

Moments..i m am sure all of us that had that share of moments, that point in time when time itself stood still and all you felt was that warm gooey feeling that you are left with after you have indulged yourself with a rich chocolate cake! 🙂

Moments that make us who we are, moments that make us realise that things are never going to be the same when that someone special leaves your hand and walks away and you feel that pain and nothing ever can make it better…moments when you see bubbles in the air, feel the rain drops on your face, feel the wind blow through your hair,when that unspoken word that stolen look is all you have, when you can laugh your heart out and cry like there is no tomorrow, fall i love with that one person and know that it was that moment that defines it’s all!

it’s moments like these that keeps us alive 🙂

Such moments happen to us when we least expect it and all you can do is smile and embrace it least it fades away too fast and fails to leave that lingering frangrance that only a moment can leave behind! 🙂

dance…my first love!

I have been sharing the link to my blog for the last few days and some nice friends of mine have been sending me links to other blogs…and it’s then that i realised that most people have written something on things that interest them,their passions…and this post is hence dedicated to my passion my first love….. none other than dance! 😀

Dance has been a part of my life since the age of 4!I dunt knw when or wher my mama love discovered that i had a passion for dance..and from there started my initiation into the world of classical dance!
Dancing sets me free…it also holds some of the best memories also!those evenings when me n my friends used to set of to dance classes sometime..half running.. ( coz we were late) somtimes leisurely but none the always used to be fun..and the lazy bum tht i am..i used to get thrashed the maximum for nt practising in class… as time went by and many competitions and stages later..somewher down the line i lost interest..only to revive it later years down.. its started with salsa and progressed to cha cha, jive and samba…

Dancing gives me a joy, an high that I would like to equate to falling in love! 😀 crazy tht may sound but the last time i forgot everything danced like crazy and even landed up with a ligament tear was all in goa! I grin form ear to ear when i dance, being on stage facing and audience i feel beautiful…each tiome i perform i feel my soul being elevated to heights of ecstacy like i have never experienced before..i can cry i can laugh, i can emote every single thing i feel…i jus feel free and happy…thts where from i learnt the art of expression!

P.S:for those who dnt or jus think they cant shake a leg or two… trust me its nt all the difficult..all it requires is a mad friend like me…gud music and yes a gud dance floor!