Cold coffee, sandwich & chocolate brownie with icecream

Its one of those days when you wake up and feel like the entire world is on slow motion! it takes forever to get things done, drag your self out of bed and lastly get the day over at work,Tuesdays just add to my misery..for me even God on that day seems to be extremely bored!

On days like these i love keeping cooking to the miminum..i can get done with the b’fast and lunch..and b’fast these days is oats & lunch was tomato rice pressure cooked, which thank fully turned out well! 🙂 [yes yes! i m bragging abut myself]

..through the day me n hubby end up havin quick conversations over chat about a lot of things ranging from what needs to cooked, to who’s boss said what and the likes of it..and somewhere during todays session i ended up saying ” i m extremely tired today..all i wanna go home and do is make egg sandwich and crash” and the sweet {mind you extremely sweet } hubby that i have he has offered to cook dinner tonight and let me read a book n relax!
althought he had to do quiet a bit of cajoling to do to get me to agree coz i was stuck up on eating egg for dinner..and he convinced me what he would cook eggs but something exotic with eggs!!

I completely love it when my hubby goes into this mood..coz he experiments so much and comes out with all these mind blowing dishes ..ya the self proclaimed head chef of our house..ask some of my friends who have eaten at our place! =D and i am hoping for one such simple but exotic dish!

so now that the loving wife that i am i decided to pitch in with my share I have offered to make us tall glasses of yummy cold coffee to add to go with the sandwich and also mayb some salad with cucumbers and whatever I can find in the fridge

…and as the conversation progressed we now have on the menu 2 glasses of cold coffee, one exotic sandwich & to top it off we decided to finish it off with some yummy brownie from Fab India & vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce!! =D

ha! now who says being married is a pain!i so love being married..i remember days when i have gotten back from home wishing if only someone would make me somethin to eat and lo! after many years i have him to fulfil that very desire!

so this one’s for our extremly boring Tuesday that we hope to finish with a bang!!

Advertisements, romance and long drives…

coffeeRains..they do something to everyone….it makes you romantic, lazy, happy, depressed, every emotion possible that one can think of!I love the rains too..not for the puddles but for the way the earth smells, the way everything around becomes a shade brighter and beautiful, everything and everyone around seems happier too! 🙂 colourful umbrellas, raincoats and not to forget making paper boats 😉 ( for ppl creatively handicapped like me) it’s the sheer joy of seeing those paper boats floating in a puddle brings happiness & the colourful surroundings! Oh n i almost forget the hot chai,hot chocolate, mills & boon and a nice blanket to cuddle up in and enjoy the rain is something i am sure a lot of us have done and continue doing…

Sometimes there is no joy like sitting on a window sill with the windows wide open and the rain drops falling on ur face, getting wet in the rain, and sometimes its nice to weep your heart out’ll end up feeling so much lighter….

raindropsi write this post, dedicating it to my monday night..when it poured and i did somethin that i always wanted to go on a long drive, listen to music, and jus enjoy the silence with the person right next to you. I felt like i was in love..such high i haven felt in the long time…and i jus didn’t want the night the drive and the rains to end! sigh..i wish they happen more often!! 🙂

Say a little prayer…..

Mornings..the start of a new day…the start of new beginnings and new hopes..thats wat mornings are all about…i m sure most of us start our day with a huge mug of coffee, our favourite section of the news paper, calvin & hobbes, a big bear hug from some1 u love so on & so forth..but stop take a moment and say a little prayer! 🙂 i m sure you weren expecting that one..well i sometimes think its more like tht very essential cuppa of coffee you just cant do without it…hmmm… you know sayin that little prayer! you may never knw who mite need it..think of someone..friends , family i am sure….ur little word of prayer mite help someone somewher and make their otherwise screwed up day a wee better! :d
Try it out..say a little prayer..thank god for someone!and at the end of the day give tht person a call…i m sure they’ll have something gud to share about their day n dnt fret if they dnt..keep sayin tht word of prayer somewher..sometime i sure somebody will benefit from it! 🙂