good bye Chennai…and hello Sydney!

This post should have been up long time ago! It’s been lying in my drafts for almost a month now. The packing and shifting had taken a toll on me, i was stressed, angry, sad and ill and missed not having my husband see me through this. But here I am now in Sydney. Living in a city where at the max 4 people know me and craving for a masala/podi dosa along with a hot cup of filter kappi that reminded me that this post was lying in my drafts.

This one’s for all the people that miss.. family and friends and good ol’ Chennai/Madras šŸ™‚ is it that I am going to pack 10 wonderful years in this city into three suitcases? šŸ˜¦

The more i think about it the grief sets in for the amount I have cribbed about wanting to leave now , more or less every bit of me wanting to cling on to good ol’ Madras.I have vivid memories of this city from my first trip, when Alsa Mall, Cisons Complex, Fountain Plaza were popular hangouts along with Spencers.I dnt remember when I chose this city but somehow think it was viceversa…otherwise 10 years here and i still would love to call it home! šŸ™‚

As I write this flashes of 10 years whiz by right in front of my eyes.

A few weeks from now, its going to be a completely new city; where the streets have no names,where I am not going to bump into people I know,where pujari’s are not going to zip past me on their mopeds,the horrible traffic jams when it rains, the beach,the icecream session late at nite on the beach and the familiarity that the known brings,I know i’d miss. The narcissit me šŸ˜‰ would miss being stopped by strangers who ask what kajal pencil i use, or that my face looks familiar and if i do advertisments etc. (Now you know y i call myself narcissit :P). I would miss passing by college and start my stories about the place like it is a historical monument!I have had people asking me to shut up only coz they could replay every story of mine šŸ™‚ i would miss arguing with the husband as to who knows the city better and the desperate fights to prove I am right.:)

I will miss places that have never disappointed my foodie cravings, i would miss homes that gave me more than food and bed,the open terrace, loads of love and warmth that the lonely girl in the city never felt she was far away from home. I love this city for the landmark moments of my life..the first outings, the first time i fell in love, the lesson learnt from heartbreaks,for people who saw me through when i thought the heartbreak would kill me and most importantly the person who was only a call away.For bangalore weekends that were extra special,the crazy ass almost blind date at Infinitea :), the music, the food and for being a friend who never once judged me with shortcoming et all accepted me šŸ™‚

I’ll miss my workplace for the crazy parties, friends who made work fun, the wednesday nights, the lunch sessions, the photography sessions..the place that kept sane and insane šŸ™‚ I love the fact that if it werent for this job i wouldn have met my better half! I would miss the view from my desk..the lazy dog and the sweet baby who are part of the daily routine.. i dnt know them but yet again the familiar scenes brings a comfort that i am about to give up. I will miss night stays and the friends who were part of it..the startling discoveries, the laughter , the dance classes. The ups and downs, the bajao session by bosses,the clients, the media all of it. The friends i have, the fun I had,the awakward moment when the friend was desperately trying to get the opposite person interested in her client’s work and all he did was talk to me šŸ™‚ I have memories of a crazy valentine’s day of eating vada pav in Sowcarpet and taking a drive down to Marina beach to shoot ballons šŸ™‚

Lastly, i will miss my first own that i set up.. from choosing curtains to buying each and everything it pains the most taking it all down.There things to which i m extremely attached, every memory that comes to life when i am giving off my things.

It hurts but then you have to let go of the old to make new memories… its something unpredictable that lies ahead..but in the end its right and i hope I have the time of my life.It’s going to test every skill that i possess. A new place, a new culture, new faces to be friends with while the old ones will still stay fresh in my memory.The fear of not being able to close my eyes and give directions..i’ll miss that.

Like someone told me a few days ago “what would we do without memories” .. i have truck loads of them i can flip through, play each one over and over and be thankful for the people that crossed my path if it werent for that wuld i have so much to look back at? šŸ™‚

till we meet again šŸ™‚ to old and new memories! Cheers!~


Rapunzel..Rapunzel let down thy hair……

{ver since iĀ remember iĀ have had this weird fascination to anyone who had long hair and THAT just turned into an obsession! Rapunzel used to be my favĀ fairytale and still continues to be.. for i imagine myself sitting my the window & throwing down my hair for prince charming! sigh* šŸ˜€ Ā 

Mom was always particular that iĀ would be allowed to grow my hair only when she was confident iĀ could manage it..but then had to agree all ‘coz iĀ started learning dance and my dance master was insistentĀ that we needed long hair and there began my journey…. Ever other girl who came my way with long hair was surely headed for trouble..little did they knowĀ that this kid wasn’t as sweet as she seems ..voila!! for iĀ would be trying out all possible hairstyles on their hair! =D iĀ lived in a world of fantasy & hence assumed that my hair would grow overnight and was very disappointed when it didn’t!! Imagine my parents got me false hair out of sheer frustration so that iĀ would stop chasing guests away!! šŸ˜‰ as time went by with growing my hair the routine the taking care of it also began..weekends were apart from homework time for hair care managementĀ yes in simple terms hot oil massage, home-madeĀ concoction that included a whole lot of things n eggs..a long shower and later shampooing = long beautiful soft hair … iĀ have never really bothered about my hair coz mom was always there to take care of it… Realisation dawned only after iĀ left home in pursuit of higher education the value of mt tresses hit me hard..the chennai the water killed my hair, iĀ never really did any of the things momaĀ did to my hair, grew my hair wild n long..and always tied it up jus coz it would go mad and iĀ never knew how to style my hair…and kept it hidden howeverĀ n whenever possible! Many long years have passed and it still hurts when iĀ cut my hair..always feel like iĀ m self inflicting pain on my self when iĀ cut of my lovely locks…its only nw that iĀ have attemptedĀ step cuts , razor cuts and more recently i have cut off most of my hair and have a side fringe… Ā Despite all this iĀ could still scream anytime of the day and especially when iĀ have to go for a function that iĀ hate having such long tresses which still behavesĀ badly, completely becomes unruly and gives me a tough time! šŸ˜¦ I am up for the biggest challenge this week after the haircut..i have to attend a friend’s sangeetĀ & then wedding on sat & sun…n i have everythindĀ set except my hair! But then i comsoleĀ my self and say…hum honge kamiyab..hum honge kamiyab ekĀ din with the hairdry & the hair straightener! =)