Morning Cheer

With laughter being touted as the most inexpensive, economical, and not recession hit commodity i have found myself a new hobby..tryin to spread a smile..which some1 passes on to me thru my early morning ‘very entertaining forwards’ them (as very sidey).

These forwards are something that i look forward to..only coz however sidey they r they make me smile…the best part is they vary very day..from sardarji jokes to marriage, to alcohol to relationships, santa banta jokes dreams, hopes ..the topics are pretty interesting…they can vary from the corniest of jokes to some really good ones which are jus mind-blowing! 😀

Today after reading one of the forwards a poor tortured recipient of the same msged me back ( refer joke below) saying… ” why why why??why dnt u jus buy a gun & shoot me or btr still, buy a lion and simbly ‘shoo’ it on me!! ( sorry dude this reply jus made me smile)so thought i’d put it up…

so for all of u wondering wat these forwards of mine is a sample..and incase any of u wanna subscribe to my morning cheer pls leave a comment or jus msg me..and i’ll add u to my list!

“Sardar & his wife were on a African Safari when a lion suddenly dragged sardar’s wife with his jaws
wife:Shoot it!shoot it!
Sardar: Wait Wait..let me take out my camera 😀

A husband is like a split air matter how loud he may be outside his home, he has to remain silent inside!! 😉

This is a deadly one! no offence to the women though:

According to a recent research Alcohol is said to contain female hormones in it :men who drink tend to put on weight, become emotional, talk a lot and end up in fights unnecessarily! 😉

Q-how do u know when a man is going to say something intelligent?
A- When he starts his sentence with-my wife told me 😉

Please work hard and keep your boss in good humour as from today onwards ge can legally take ur sec 377 protection…its nt crime now 😉

Shiney Headbangers:
1. Shiney’s favourite movie:
Maid in India
2. Heights of recession:
Raping his maid
3. Shiney’s new name: Slimey Ahuja
4.Shiney’s sexuality:
5. Shiney’s Fav City:
6. Shiney’s fav area:
7. Shiney’s fav vehical:
Bai Cycle
Shieny’s fav cricket stroke:
9. Shiney’s Fav Dialogue:
Bai God!! 😉

What’s common between a beautifu, faithful, brilliant, educated, homely, understanding, loving wife & Osama Bin Laden?
Both cant be found! 😉

Why did the sardar disconnect his door bell?
Becoz he wanted to win the NO-Bell Prize

A virus deadlier than H1NI1 attacks married men, effecting mobility, speech, stress, high BP & rage. No cure in sight & stays forever- It’s called B1W1
Wife: If I sleep with your most loving friend, what would be the first thought that would come to your mind?
Smart Husband:That you are a lesbian 😉

Which was the biggest sex change operation done in India?
Ans: In Mumbai..Queen Victoria terminus became Chhatrapati Sivaji Terminus 😉

Wives are funny creatures.
They don’t have sex with their husbands for weeks
And then they want to kill the woman who does.

This week is Breast Awareness Week.
Spread the slogan …….
“We stare because we care!”

This is jus the beginning..more to follow till then happy reading!