Missing the day of colours

Here I am Down Under, summer seems to have long disappeared all in all in the 4 months that I have been here, all I would have had is 10 days of summer the rest of it alternated between raining mornings,evenings and nights and sometimes days of it all together. Being sunshine girl from good ol’ Chennai it is difficult to get used to but I guess we will have to live with it as long as we are here 🙂 Well having discussed the weather like everyone everywhere does, it’s back to the purpose of this post.

All those gazillion posts on FB and Twitter on Holi made me miss the fun time I have had playing holi the only two times i have played it. Growing up in Dubai holi was not really played coz i guess most of the time we would be at school and dont think mom would have appreciated it if we walked in with all kinds of colours and then the horrors of scrubbing her daughters clean that would have followed. However, we spared mom that horror…moved to college and the closest i got to playing it was in MCC just that more than colour I think I had silver and gold glitter stuck on my face, hair and notebooks :). 

So, you can imagine the thrill when people at work suggested we play holi followed by the awesome snacks( I guess that was secondary) that we got after that. I guess i had never seen so much colour all my life and all of it right at our disposal. Just imagine playing holi with a bunch of hooligans mostly the boys the girls in their own way finding ways to make ur face totally unrecognizable. I still remember most of the events that day i broke my chappals,had colour stuck on my teeth, nails and every part of visbile skin.

After destroying our office lawn and the walls and most people going back home our big boss stayed back and started cleaning down the walls, the verandah and every possible place there was colour and the rest of just joined him to clean down the office.We were definitely rewarded that day we opened a bottle of wine and it was long gone before we even realized.

It was a long weekend so we celebrated it days before the actual day and on our way back from Pondicherry,we were called to our colleague’s place to play holi..none of us had spare clothes and atleast I wasn’t sure of playing it a second time as I had to attend a friend’s wedding reception. Boy! the fun we had that night, in borrowed clothes, i remember being rolled on the terrace floor coz i somehow ended up being the only one wearing complete white..just to make sure not an inch of white should be left on me i was rolled on the terrace in a puddle of colour. 😀 Needless to say the shopkeeper in locality thought i was crazy to play it twice and then buy besan and curd to scrub it all off. I did go to my relatives house the next day as well the wedding reception looking all red despite scrubbing my two days continuously. 🙂 the hair bled colour for a whole month and more,light coloured clothes turned pink each time we sweated it out in the Chennai heat.Trust me when I say this i dnt think I ever regretted my decision to play even once. 

I guess this is how fate would have liked to have it but important events seemed to be the order of the day with the wedding reception being the function I could not miss to the media FAM trip the second time where again I had to scrub myself clean  despite that i went for the trip with green ears and a strand of green hair. None of those journos forgot me the least to say the trip also turned out well.

There are no pichkaaris, gulals, bhang or friends to make the day colourful. But I do have colourful memories. I sometimes wonder I would have done if i didn’t have such lovely memories. I guess my days would have been longer here I suppose.  

How I wish I could fly in play holi and take the next flight back here.

Well sigh! all i can think of is the poem “If wishes were horses” just a few lines from it 🙂 do check out the link if u wanna read the whole poem 

If wishes were horses,
then beggars could ride
and instead of being lonely
I could be by your side….

But wishes aren’t horses,
they rarely come true .
And all I ask is just
a touch or a glance from you.



So i suppose I will have to wait till my wishes can be horses 🙂 And on that note happy Holi everyone and to all the wonderful women i know Happy Women’s Day. 🙂 hoping someone is celebrating the fact that you are a wonderful addition to their lives 🙂


Boredom these days seem to define my life. They say an ‘idle mind is the devils workshop’ but i guess my mind has become so boring that devil himself has refused to reside or let alone pay me a visit.

For most people who know me I come across as a live wire..so completely full of energy,so much energy i have that i am know i can surely get people hooked to me, on the other hand if i am bored i am right the extreme.
It’s so ironical that we all say that we live a fast paced life, the world has become smaller, technology rules our life and life’s happening but despite…all of it, but we are Bored! life is not fun anymore,people are boring,work is boring, clothes r boring..everything is just BORING!!!

I guess its ‘coz we have everything we want but we just fail to stop breathe and live. We forget that apart from all of the things that makes us happy are material and we are on that constant journey…journey to rediscover and find ourselves…and find things that makes us happy!

probably…this would be one of the most boring posts i ever wrote…see yet again another BORING, because I have no idea where this post is heading to!

hmmm…but after all the gyan i gave on soul searching..i aint in a mood for following it…I m in a mood to pack my bags, gather a bunch of friends, get a big picnic bag and head to pastures where life will be greener and boredom will have no space! 🙂 maybe just call in sick tomorrow also..just to kick boredom in the Butt!! 😉

dance…my first love!

I have been sharing the link to my blog for the last few days and some nice friends of mine have been sending me links to other blogs…and it’s then that i realised that most people have written something on things that interest them,their passions…and this post is hence dedicated to my passion my first love….. none other than dance! 😀

Dance has been a part of my life since the age of 4!I dunt knw when or wher my mama love discovered that i had a passion for dance..and from there started my initiation into the world of classical dance!
Dancing sets me free…it also holds some of the best memories also!those evenings when me n my friends used to set of to dance classes sometime..half running.. ( coz we were late) somtimes leisurely but none the less..it always used to be fun..and the lazy bum tht i am..i used to get thrashed the maximum for nt practising in class… as time went by and many competitions and stages later..somewher down the line i lost interest..only to revive it later years down.. its started with salsa and progressed to cha cha, jive and samba…

Dancing gives me a joy, an high that I would like to equate to falling in love! 😀 crazy tht may sound but the last time i forgot everything danced like crazy and even landed up with a ligament tear was all in goa! I grin form ear to ear when i dance, being on stage facing and audience i feel beautiful…each tiome i perform i feel my soul being elevated to heights of ecstacy like i have never experienced before..i can cry i can laugh, i can emote every single thing i feel…i jus feel free and happy…thts where from i learnt the art of expression!

P.S:for those who dnt or jus think they cant shake a leg or two… trust me its nt all the difficult..all it requires is a mad friend like me…gud music and yes a gud dance floor!