a few of my favorite things….

Been a dull weekend…just up and about & almost back to my normal self after the wretched fever only today..
.set the house in order with help from the husband and realized after nearly 8 months in the house that my most favorite place is the dining table =)
yes my size definitely shows for the reason of liking..but that apart the corner’s cozy.. love the view of the window of the mango tree even more pretty after a shower and the best of it all is in the evening with the soft glow from our home-made lamp shade..ah so lovely!!

No reason for this particular post.. this has been buzzing inside my head and after a down pour just a while back fits perfect. good weekend and enjoy!!~ 🙂

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites
When the bee stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad
~ Sound of Music



It’s only Kerala.. that leaves in me this emotion that time has come to total standstill.Every journey that I embark to this place called home, its evokes in me a million emotions, some that reminds me of good times,some of the not so good, some of school, friends, crushes, and many of the meeting the prospective grooms.

It was vacations in Kerala that was the most looked forward to once summer vacations began those long flights from Dubai and the later those one-off train journey’s home..
Those umpteen shopping trips, goodies for all at home and home-made treats from grand mum& loads of new relatives whose faces at the end of the trip were all forgotten but the good times spent well-remembered. Also, the many firsts that we tried on those trips, Gold spot for one, Joy ice creams little cups of goodness, meat puff and Best bakery buns..these dearly missed once the vacation was long over.
Getting wet was a new first, getting drenched, running about in puddles all of it! its different living what u have only heard of! 🙂 The customary trips to visit relatives far and near..sometimes in an auto and sometimes in a rented ambassador..never could i figure the mechanics of opening the door and never could i understand why cars in Kerala never had ac!;)

No trip was complete without the usual coming together of the entire family, cousins of all sizes ;p and ages under one roof.. total chaos but super fun.. huge feasts, loads of laughter, shopping trips, sometimes b’day celebrations, sometimes christmas, cakes, carols and appam chicken curry b’fast and there was always space for more people around the table… all of it are now distant memories..
I have grown up and so has everyone around me.. more family members added and a few subtracted all that remains are those memories..those as I close my eyes come vivid and clear..I want to reach out n touch and bring to live moment those I cherish laugh n hold close each of it least they fade in my memory…

As i went home this time, retracing steps to familiar homes that are now empty nests, i feel with a pang of guilt for not keeping in touch with people who are part of my colourful growing up years.. as I walk down memory lane every time during a holiday all that remains wrapped in time are the house that are testimony to my many firsts, the old grandfather’ clock waiting to be wound and my grand mother waiting for the lonely house to be filled with our footsteps and laughter all over again. =)

P.S. heights of shamelessness but there is a like that u can click.. so like my post if u think its nice! 🙂

Happy B’day: Today we turn 1

Its been a long time and the mind as well as the blog has been in the process of rotting! and the annoying writer’s block has only added to the misery..:(
and then out of nowhere( ting) i remembered that my blog’s haaaapppy Yaaaapy Budddday!!!!! 😀 and what a good year it’s been!

It’s been a journey of sorts from the many disastrous essays, comprehension & whatever writing I have done including exam papers..to my own blog I must say it has been an achievement for someone who chanced upon writing!! 🙂

So here’s to my blog…a Happy B’day! and my b’day wish before i blow off that candle… may i write long enough to keep you updated on what’s on my mind and everywhere else, may you be witness to more comments and loads of new posts! 🙂 May you not over a period of time like everything else that is close to my heart the words and the thoughts lay dust-bitten somewhere!

“Happy B’day on turning 1”

10 reasons to welcome the summer! :)

I know a lot people who absolutely loathe summers…not like I am a great fan of summers but then i do love it minus the sweat!! (ha! i always loved it the easy way without having to sweat it out) 😀

There is nothing like a bright morning, the sun peeping through the window, blue skies ha! nature at its beautiful best.. so this post for the love of my fav city that i call home Dubai the city of sun, sand & surf and my home away from home Chennai yet again another city of loads of sun, sand & surf..n with sunshine in abundance so like the tiltle of the post goes..this is the top 10 reasons to welcome the summer!! 🙂

1. Plan that simple and refreshing brunch:
Been planning this with friends for long with friends or your partner? nw is the time to pull out those simple pancake recipes, fruit cocktails with loads of ice, freshly baked bread, cupcakes, topped with atrawberry jam! 🙂 & some good conversation! 🙂

2. Summer sales! : Ha how i love summer for this one reason! every outlet everywhere has a sale! out goes the wollen clothes and in come sthe flora tops, dresses, hats and lovely colours of everything possible. so now is the time to paint the town every bright colour possible, including red! 😀

3. Time to hit the beach: Spending an entire day at the beach is one of the best fun filled summer activities i look forward to. There is nothing like a quick walk on the beach, soaking in some sun, and getting wet head to toe isone of the many ways to beat the heat!

4. Amusement park : Redicovering the child in yourself & indulging your self in a few joy rides can be awesome fun !but then this doesn apply to me for i m one of those few ppl who cant go on any rides! i can stand down n scream with the ppl on the ride! 😀

5. Fruits, juices, milkshakes, fruit salads :
what better time to indulge in liquids of all kids fresh juices to exotic milkshakes to the most simple of it all nimbu panniiiii 🙂 i m addicted to it..all i can think of summer n driniking is nimbu panni! 🙂 oh and before i forget yummy fruit salads with cream /icecream.. big time healthy and also mommy wnt complain either! 🙂 erm..if this can also be included in the list..chilled beer also! 🙂

6. Summer GetawayS: time to say good-bye to to office work & bag your bag to hit the roads! there is nothing like going back packing into the hills, camping..and summer is the best time you can do it!so wat are you waiting for…summer’s calling! 🙂

7. Walk down history lane: for all the history buffs..there is no better time than summer to visit some of the heritage places in your city, they make an interesting time pass and also a good background for pictures

8. barbeQ time! : barbeQ’s n summer compliment each other so perfectly, time to get everyone together and barbQ the summer blues away!

9. a hammock, book & summer breeze: fit this also into ur perfect holiday.. lie down soak in the sun, enjoy to book and yes mayb catch up on a little afternoon seista!
10. colors: step aside black, dull greys and browns..its time to paint the pretty picture of a colourful rainbow.. psst..no better season than summer to even colour ur hair..the deep purples and burgundy also will catch some attention! 🙂

so all u out there! happy summers..lets jus not crib and find our reason to enjoy this beautiful season!

Rapunzel..Rapunzel let down thy hair……

{ver since i remember i have had this weird fascination to anyone who had long hair and THAT just turned into an obsession! Rapunzel used to be my fav fairytale and still continues to be.. for i imagine myself sitting my the window & throwing down my hair for prince charming! sigh* 😀  

Mom was always particular that i would be allowed to grow my hair only when she was confident i could manage it..but then had to agree all ‘coz i started learning dance and my dance master was insistent that we needed long hair and there began my journey…. Ever other girl who came my way with long hair was surely headed for trouble..little did they know that this kid wasn’t as sweet as she seems ..voila!! for i would be trying out all possible hairstyles on their hair! =D i lived in a world of fantasy & hence assumed that my hair would grow overnight and was very disappointed when it didn’t!! Imagine my parents got me false hair out of sheer frustration so that i would stop chasing guests away!! 😉 as time went by with growing my hair the routine the taking care of it also began..weekends were apart from homework time for hair care management yes in simple terms hot oil massage, home-made concoction that included a whole lot of things n eggs..a long shower and later shampooing = long beautiful soft hair … i have never really bothered about my hair coz mom was always there to take care of it… Realisation dawned only after i left home in pursuit of higher education the value of mt tresses hit me hard..the chennai the water killed my hair, i never really did any of the things moma did to my hair, grew my hair wild n long..and always tied it up jus coz it would go mad and i never knew how to style my hair…and kept it hidden however n whenever possible! Many long years have passed and it still hurts when i cut my hair..always feel like i m self inflicting pain on my self when i cut of my lovely locks…its only nw that i have attempted step cuts , razor cuts and more recently i have cut off most of my hair and have a side fringe…  Despite all this i could still scream anytime of the day and especially when i have to go for a function that i hate having such long tresses which still behaves badly, completely becomes unruly and gives me a tough time! 😦 I am up for the biggest challenge this week after the haircut..i have to attend a friend’s sangeet & then wedding on sat & sun…n i have everythind set except my hair! But then i comsole my self and say…hum honge kamiyab..hum honge kamiyab ek din with the hairdry & the hair straightener! =)


“As happens sometimes, a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment.”

Moments..i m am sure all of us that had that share of moments, that point in time when time itself stood still and all you felt was that warm gooey feeling that you are left with after you have indulged yourself with a rich chocolate cake! 🙂

Moments that make us who we are, moments that make us realise that things are never going to be the same when that someone special leaves your hand and walks away and you feel that pain and nothing ever can make it better…moments when you see bubbles in the air, feel the rain drops on your face, feel the wind blow through your hair,when that unspoken word that stolen look is all you have, when you can laugh your heart out and cry like there is no tomorrow, fall i love with that one person and know that it was that moment that defines it’s all!

it’s moments like these that keeps us alive 🙂

Such moments happen to us when we least expect it and all you can do is smile and embrace it least it fades away too fast and fails to leave that lingering frangrance that only a moment can leave behind! 🙂


It’s funny how these days everything i do, say or even want to do is only related to my wedding! i wonder wat is that makes me feel this way..probably i m already freaking out about saying goodbye to single hood and being embraced into the folds of matrimony!
or just that i am worried about life long commitment ( nt to worry hubby to be..i’ll be there at the altar)….

well sidey jokes apart..the idea of writing this i have had this huge list in head..my ‘bucket list’ of things to do before i got married and always wanted to do at some point of time and this post …..
so, there goes my long list of things..some of which i have done..some that i guess will only remain on the list coz i’ll never have guts to do it and some i’ll hopefully do once i am married…some of it is stuff that everyone wants to and so do i!

1. Go back packing/ camping far far away…far away from civilisation (did that a month and also the trek where i met pati to be :D)
2. get a tatoo ( hmm…i am scared as hell of needles..i guess i’ll have to take some sleeping pills and sleep through it! )
3. get an entire album of black & white pictures taken..of me..pictures that capture each of my mood..ya i know what you people thinking..i m a wee bit self obsessed! 😛
4. Sleep under the stars ( yup that’s wat the intention was when we went camping, but it rained cats & dogs.. sigh! =( )
5. Find a job that i loveeeeeeeee
6. Learn how to drive & then drive the most expensive car! :d
7. Learn to play an instrument
8. want to do that one all girls trip, where all my friends are there!
9. Change my name into some really exotic! i wonder wat that wld be though?! hmmm
10.Sing in front of an audience ! =)
11.be told by that one stranger that i am the most beautiful girl he/she has ever seen!
12.to own something outrageously expensive
13.to ask someone i have just met once to go on a date with me
14.to be madly deeply in love and feel the happiest when around that person
15.wake up everyday and not crib abt anything…and tell my family i love them
16.dance..dance..and dance like i have never done all these years..in short get back to learning dance
17. make some random person smile!=)
18. Believe in self, believe even more strongly in God, love the life that he has given!
19. Write a song! 😀
20. somewhere sometime hope to make each one of these come true! =)

Guardian Angel…

I have been brought up on a heavy dose of books..i know not when or where i fell i love with the written word..i have an imagination that runs wild and hence everything i read formed a beautiful image right before my eyes..even if i sat still there are a hundred thoughts about people, things and places that run thru my head! 🙂

Fairies, guardian angels all of it have always had a fascination for me and i believe all of us are assigned a guardian angel..someone to hold our hand, someone to look over us…you know superman types 😀 and hence began my wait… for my guardian angel…and it was when i stopped waiting that i found mine one night in the form of a text msg! (weird i knw)!!
but that was the beginning of something beautiful..we have had our moments of laughter, tears, shared our highs and lows, mended a broken heart all of it and it still continues..
Till now i thought i always had found a best friend…and while we spoke last night i realised this was my special guardian angel..always ready to look after me, hold me hand,share my fears and also be the first one to do a reality check if required.I can be sure i can always go to him if i break my heart, run to him when i have those mind blowing ideas and be sure i wnt be laughed at..

After all, I guess i got a little lucky when i decided to reply to that msg! I know being a guardian angel is not a herculian task and with my guardian angel around i m sure nothin can go wrong for when …for after all being my guardian angel is a privilage! 😛

Rains..coffee, romance and long drives…

coffeeRains..they do something to everyone….it makes you romantic, lazy, happy, depressed, every emotion possible that one can think of!I love the rains too..not for the puddles but for the way the earth smells, the way everything around becomes a shade brighter and beautiful, everything and everyone around seems happier too! 🙂 colourful umbrellas, raincoats and not to forget making paper boats 😉 ( for ppl creatively handicapped like me) it’s the sheer joy of seeing those paper boats floating in a puddle brings happiness & the colourful surroundings! Oh n i almost forget the hot chai,hot chocolate, mills & boon and a nice blanket to cuddle up in and enjoy the rain is something i am sure a lot of us have done and continue doing…

Sometimes there is no joy like sitting on a window sill with the windows wide open and the rain drops falling on ur face, getting wet in the rain, and sometimes its nice to weep your heart out also..you’ll end up feeling so much lighter….

raindropsi write this post, dedicating it to my monday night..when it poured and i did somethin that i always wanted to go on a long drive, listen to music, and jus enjoy the silence with the person right next to you. I felt like i was in love..such high i haven felt in the long time…and i jus didn’t want the night the drive and the rains to end! sigh..i wish they happen more often!! 🙂


its been a while since the last post and the last one was not all that happening.

For those who know me well kniw what my weekends are like,it’s loads of washing, cleaning & loafing ( read as windowshopping or just exploring the streets of Chennai).For me every week is like spring cleaning, i just dont understand how i can have so many things that i dnt want with me 😉

This time round was this huge cardboard box full of book, pictures and a lot of things that were forgotten, and there yet again I had opened a pandora’s box of memories i saw pictures of friends and places and outings that were long forgotten and then i found something even more interesting, hand written notes, cards and a lot of hand made stuff…some of the handwriting on those notes were really sad but then they brought back lovely memories of the little things that I did to make someone happy and also notes that said i m forgiven for those misunderstandings that i have had with people.
Oh and yes for some reason I still had my report of the entertainment secretary..and all those comments i had written in between while the GB was in progress…. 😉
It’s sad that nobody writes letters or notes anymore or let alone make cards for anyone!I am nt anti-email or anything, its jus that there is a charm to hand written stuff.a certain joy that is so evident on someone’s face when they see you have made an effort to make them or write them somethin nice!
guess somewhere down the line my love for writing letters began with writing letters to my grandparents.. mama’s way of making me improve my handwriting and ya some way to make me still instead of running round and talking! 🙂
so i guess at the end of this post, i hope someone leaves me a little note and makes my days henceforth and i hope so too to write someone a note and make a card something i had long forgotten how to do!! so happy writing! 🙂