Knockin’ on Heaven’s Doors

Dear Someone up there,

Hi! I hope all is well with you! I am sure you are extremely busy answering requests, filing requests for future reference, keeping track of the good deeds and the bad ones and making sure Karma becomes a bitch if one is bad!:(

Well in-between your busy schedule I would bring some of the things that I think u need to look into, most of it is drastically wrong and I can’t take it any longer..and would like to highlight the key issues:

# I am bored with my 9-6 routine, the mind has become the devil’s workshop and all I hear is the clutter that he does inside my head prompting me to run away and never come back. I don’t like the fact that I have to sit at my desk stare at my screen and do work that has become less of using my brain and more of something that I am forced to do to kill time. I was wondering if you would be kind enough to use your wonderful negotiating skills and get me one of those fancy jobs on TLC or the likes where all I have to do is to look good, eat, have fun and never worry about anything eva!

# I am extremely irritated with the kind of people in my life! either they are just plain ignorant about how irritating they are or think it’s an art which needs to be practised to perfection. When I learn the skills to deal with the irritating ones you send me sarcastic ones for whom at some points in time I have no retort for. God! please don’t be partial while giving skill sets such as these you see even I need them.. I don’t have too much hair left on my head you see, a few smart answers from my end would shut them up and save my already receding hairline! . Request you to kindly minimize my interaction with people like these either ways my patience level is not increasing 🙂

# Why.. and I ask you again why is it that some people don’t gain weight, look drop dead gorgeous even woken up from their sleep?? Is it nt unfair that I can’t eat my favourite things without worrying abt those extra calories the new set of tee-shirts that would look horrendous if I gained an extra few pounds.. or that someone would b scared out of their skull if they saw me in the morning?! I demand that you give these people all a few bad hair days, a few extra pounds( u can take them from me) so that I am less tortured while in their company.

# Why is it that you haven given me some super power so that I can get into my fancy superwoman costume;pack up the bad guys(annoying people) with a few punches and send them to outer space where they will all have only each other for company and not sweet innocent souls like us. Please the give me powers soon there are some people who are unaware of the free trip they are going to win to space!

I can only think of just these many for the time being, ah! but then you know there are many more things I want to rant about but thought lets just start with a few for now. I know I have been a little slack on my daily prayers and stuff and i assure I’ll make mends.. but then here is this little girl wanting a response from u and urgent closure/ granting of certain things on the list.
P.S. also note, while granting of wishes/solving problems pls to do it with sound effects like probably thunder and lightning,coconut falling on annoying persons head etc.. sometimes I tend to miss the signs! 🙂
Love & loads of prayers,


Cold coffee, sandwich & chocolate brownie with icecream

Its one of those days when you wake up and feel like the entire world is on slow motion! it takes forever to get things done, drag your self out of bed and lastly get the day over at work,Tuesdays just add to my misery..for me even God on that day seems to be extremely bored!

On days like these i love keeping cooking to the miminum..i can get done with the b’fast and lunch..and b’fast these days is oats & lunch was tomato rice pressure cooked, which thank fully turned out well! 🙂 [yes yes! i m bragging abut myself]

..through the day me n hubby end up havin quick conversations over chat about a lot of things ranging from what needs to cooked, to who’s boss said what and the likes of it..and somewhere during todays session i ended up saying ” i m extremely tired today..all i wanna go home and do is make egg sandwich and crash” and the sweet {mind you extremely sweet } hubby that i have he has offered to cook dinner tonight and let me read a book n relax!
althought he had to do quiet a bit of cajoling to do to get me to agree coz i was stuck up on eating egg for dinner..and he convinced me what he would cook eggs but something exotic with eggs!!

I completely love it when my hubby goes into this mood..coz he experiments so much and comes out with all these mind blowing dishes ..ya the self proclaimed head chef of our house..ask some of my friends who have eaten at our place! =D and i am hoping for one such simple but exotic dish!

so now that the loving wife that i am i decided to pitch in with my share I have offered to make us tall glasses of yummy cold coffee to add to go with the sandwich and also mayb some salad with cucumbers and whatever I can find in the fridge

…and as the conversation progressed we now have on the menu 2 glasses of cold coffee, one exotic sandwich & to top it off we decided to finish it off with some yummy brownie from Fab India & vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce!! =D

ha! now who says being married is a pain!i so love being married..i remember days when i have gotten back from home wishing if only someone would make me somethin to eat and lo! after many years i have him to fulfil that very desire!

so this one’s for our extremly boring Tuesday that we hope to finish with a bang!!

2 doors and the caramel pudding! :)

for those few regular readers of my blog..or my assumption that i do have regular readers…I for a change decided to blog about my very interesting married life!all about the 2 doors and the caramel pudding! 🙂

well i completed one month of adventurous married life(yayayyayaya)..ahem now with adventurous i mean you know the loves, the fights, the roothna mannana and a lot of thingsssss oops should cut the ‘sssss’. married life has been a really interesting phase..especially trying to cook something edible for everymeal..atleast once in two days…
and one on such day… i decided to test my culinary skills with my ‘Yan -can-cook’ decendent of a husband beside me we decided to go ahead make the dish, although it was nothing exquisite but something as simple as a caramel custard of my favourite sweet dish and the most easiest and anyone can make it! 🙂

armed with my ingredients I set upon “mission caramel custard pudding” it all started on a good note with the bending in of the simple stuff like the sugar, eggs, condense milk etc…happy at being an accomplished chef i proceeded with great Elan to show my husband the next most easiest thing..caramalizing sugar! in went the sugar and the process started..just that I didnt know at which stage should i pour water into it!each time i did the sugar jus crystalized! frustrated at my attempt the only thing i did was just throw out everything and bang the kitchen n bedroom door( 2 doors) to burst into tears!

all this while my husband patiently watched the drama including the door banging sessions ( the things that he was most worried about was we wouldnt be able to afford extra costs for the door repair incase it was damaged! pah!! men I say!!) rushed to my side and did the usual..cajole me out of my bad mood and volunteer to help!!( not like i needed his help) 🙂

oh well! finally i did manage to make caramalized sugar and ended up making a super-duper pudding! i aint praising my self..swear u can ask anyone whose tried it! 😀
guess being married has its own sweet and bitter experiences..a few disasters a few wonderful moments..and few hugs a few kisses..above all someone to share it all with! 🙂

just wanted to tell ya my husband thank you for these moments!! 😀
p.s. Did i say u were cooking dinner tonight!! 😉