Footprints in the Sand

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This has always have been one of my favourite poems..There is something reassuring abt it..each time i feel low, lost and lonely this comforts me with the assurance that god is never too far away!just a silent prayer and the belief that he will see you through…is enough to change every adversity..

for those who feel that life’s taken a turn for the worst and need some assurance go through this…for i m sure you’ll find comfort in these words! 🙂

Footprints in the Sand

One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
other times there were one set of footprints.

This bothered me because I noticed
that during the low periods of my life,
when I was suffering from
anguish, sorrow or defeat,
I could see only one set of footprints.

So I said to the Lord,
“You promised me Lord,
that if I followed you,
you would walk with me always.
But I have noticed that during
the most trying periods of my life
there have only been one
set of footprints in the sand.
Why, when I needed you most,
you have not been there for me?”

The Lord replied,
“The times when you have
seen only one set of footprints in the sand,
is when I carried you.”
Mary Stevenson

Change..up ahead!

6a00d83451e1dc69e20120a516b74a970b-800wiC.H.A.N.G.E : probably the most constant of elements in all our lives…change has with it the power to breathe new life into everything it touches. One of those laws of nature that however hard you try to fight you can never win that battle.

Change is everything we do, its there in the seasons, its there when that first tooth of yours falls off, its there when you take your first baby step, change comes when you fall in love, when you pack you bags and move away from home for the first time its there when you graduate from school or college, its there the first time somebody breaks your heart. Change changes everything around you, makes bells ring and has a whole band playing the first time you fall in love and meet your soulmate! 😀 it changes you, changes the very meaning of your existance….

but there is something abt change that makes you hesitate, that holds you back from taking that first step, that makes you not wanna let go off that hand that you always wanna hold onto! But change becomes inevitable….and we have to live with mite hurt, it might make you happy…but it will show you another facet of life that will make you a better person and make life worth living! 🙂


mainI am no relationship expert…and i guess i m someone who has learnt so much from each and everyone of it. I have been pondering over what’s to be written over the last few days and had a good fight inside my head with various topics and guess relationships won hands down.
One night as always one of my many conversation, helped shed a new perspective on how we can view relationships. Relationships are like windows…ya you read it right, of all kinds, shapes, sizes, patterns and architecture.When you look at at it, it is are the most essential part of any place…they bring in fresh air, light, enhances the beauty of the house/ whatever space we are talking about.
People are also like that..some have hearts as big as french windows,they show and share every aspect of their lives..all they need to do is just open their hearts and lives and there you can find the most beautiful of relationships. Then there are some which are like your normal windows,simple, nothing designer about them..they are the most deceptive of the lot..though small on the outside they might be concealing behind them something nice and beautiful, some people are such it takes a lot for them to let you in, and they believe in nothing fancy, they can are happy letting you in a spreading love and affection your style.

most of what we share are with each others are like windows, we control who we let in and how much of our lives do we keep open for them. with some its like those french windows..wide open and with some as time passes by what once was a big windows proceeds to become smaller…but do look at your life and those around you for they are like windows… i m sure you’ll find your self looking in an out of a window…a window of wide emotions..and a window through which you can build a beautiful relationship!


when the world says “Give up”, Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”
~Author Unknown~

Hope, the one word on which our lives run…every morning we wake up with the hope that tomorrow is yet another day and life will give us a chance to undo the wrongs and rebuild our tomorrow.
hope makes us dream, hope makes us fall in love, hope makes us wait, hope makes us want to live..hope makes us wanna spead our wings and fly, hope makes makes us wanna try jus that one last time when the odds are stacked against you, hope makes us not to lose hope and gather the pieces of our broken heart..hope makes us pray & wipe others tears, hope makes us hold somebody’s hand..hope makes us what we are….

For those of you who are low and feel there is no hope..fret not for after every storm there is a lovely rainbow that shines through..I am sure i’ll see the rainbow too…only if i dnt let go of Hope! 🙂

the match-makers….

This is one of the most talked about topic in my life!oh! wait not just my life…i guess in most of my friend’s lives too!!! MARRIAGE!! 😥
I guess it’s those phases in life that when its starts…till you just dnt give into the pressure it jus doesn stop!

The moment a girl steps outta college..her parent’s are worried that she might just find herself someone who is hmmm..well not the rite person and screw up the rest of her life..hence they set themselves and everyone else on the MAN Hunt.. oops…;) i mean the groom Hunt! 🙂

but while the hunt begins these are some of the interesting things ( read as very annoying ) that i came across..which some of you all might agree…and some might not!

1.Every proposal that comes or every boy ur parents meet is a “nice boy” and an “eligible bachelor”
2. What if he is not al that “hep”, but his family is too good…one of those ancient families
3. suddenly your parents would want to meet your girlfriend’s parents and wants you to attend all their weddings..hoping that u manage to find nice men there!
4. This is one is classic! They bring you weird proposals from boy’s whose names r ‘Romeo’, imagine being married to someone like tht…i mean like what do u expect me to do…cut all my relations with my friends and live with the ridicule for the rest of my life!?
5. N then comes famous line all parents give their children…”we hardly knew each other when we got married..i m sure you will like him once you get married!” n like what am i to do if i dnt?!! :-/
6. sudenly people you have never seen in your life..will land up at ur doorsteps..all proclaiming to be some relative of urs!even their driver or other people give their valuable comments & bring u marriage proposals!
7.and when they insist you meet someone!they give u instructions on being the well behaved girl, its against the rules to talk more than 15 mins and if you exceed half an hour somebody from the family starts walking up & down ( u have no idea how excellent their non verbal communication can be) and if it’s one hour they think u have already planned ur future with that guy! what i fail to how the hell am i supposed to decide my future in 15 minutes!
8.Every b’day after a living nightmare!they jus remind u every year and all thru that u r getting old and nobody will marry u!ya rite, like all the men are gonna disappear or they ar all gonna turn saints! 😉
9.after they give up tryin to find u the perfect groom they give u the option to find ur self the man of ur choice…yayaya..i knw but wait even b4 i cna be happy a list follow “educated, well to do, mallu christian boy only!!!” bah!! there goes my hopes & dreams!
10. I cant think of a last reason tried really hard!:) well someday i’ll fill it in!
Not that i have anythin against anyone blissfully married or gettin’s jus that i haven found someone who wouldn wanna make me rewrite these reasons..but let’s hope i do!
Till then happy reading… 😀 while i go home to attend my cousin’s wedding and deal with these above mentioned annoying reasons! 🙂

Morning Cheer

With laughter being touted as the most inexpensive, economical, and not recession hit commodity i have found myself a new hobby..tryin to spread a smile..which some1 passes on to me thru my early morning ‘very entertaining forwards’ them (as very sidey).

These forwards are something that i look forward to..only coz however sidey they r they make me smile…the best part is they vary very day..from sardarji jokes to marriage, to alcohol to relationships, santa banta jokes dreams, hopes ..the topics are pretty interesting…they can vary from the corniest of jokes to some really good ones which are jus mind-blowing! 😀

Today after reading one of the forwards a poor tortured recipient of the same msged me back ( refer joke below) saying… ” why why why??why dnt u jus buy a gun & shoot me or btr still, buy a lion and simbly ‘shoo’ it on me!! ( sorry dude this reply jus made me smile)so thought i’d put it up…

so for all of u wondering wat these forwards of mine is a sample..and incase any of u wanna subscribe to my morning cheer pls leave a comment or jus msg me..and i’ll add u to my list!

“Sardar & his wife were on a African Safari when a lion suddenly dragged sardar’s wife with his jaws
wife:Shoot it!shoot it!
Sardar: Wait Wait..let me take out my camera 😀

A husband is like a split air matter how loud he may be outside his home, he has to remain silent inside!! 😉

This is a deadly one! no offence to the women though:

According to a recent research Alcohol is said to contain female hormones in it :men who drink tend to put on weight, become emotional, talk a lot and end up in fights unnecessarily! 😉

Q-how do u know when a man is going to say something intelligent?
A- When he starts his sentence with-my wife told me 😉

Please work hard and keep your boss in good humour as from today onwards ge can legally take ur sec 377 protection…its nt crime now 😉

Shiney Headbangers:
1. Shiney’s favourite movie:
Maid in India
2. Heights of recession:
Raping his maid
3. Shiney’s new name: Slimey Ahuja
4.Shiney’s sexuality:
5. Shiney’s Fav City:
6. Shiney’s fav area:
7. Shiney’s fav vehical:
Bai Cycle
Shieny’s fav cricket stroke:
9. Shiney’s Fav Dialogue:
Bai God!! 😉

What’s common between a beautifu, faithful, brilliant, educated, homely, understanding, loving wife & Osama Bin Laden?
Both cant be found! 😉

Why did the sardar disconnect his door bell?
Becoz he wanted to win the NO-Bell Prize

A virus deadlier than H1NI1 attacks married men, effecting mobility, speech, stress, high BP & rage. No cure in sight & stays forever- It’s called B1W1
Wife: If I sleep with your most loving friend, what would be the first thought that would come to your mind?
Smart Husband:That you are a lesbian 😉

Which was the biggest sex change operation done in India?
Ans: In Mumbai..Queen Victoria terminus became Chhatrapati Sivaji Terminus 😉

Wives are funny creatures.
They don’t have sex with their husbands for weeks
And then they want to kill the woman who does.

This week is Breast Awareness Week.
Spread the slogan …….
“We stare because we care!”

This is jus the beginning..more to follow till then happy reading!

Say a little prayer…..

Mornings..the start of a new day…the start of new beginnings and new hopes..thats wat mornings are all about…i m sure most of us start our day with a huge mug of coffee, our favourite section of the news paper, calvin & hobbes, a big bear hug from some1 u love so on & so forth..but stop take a moment and say a little prayer! 🙂 i m sure you weren expecting that one..well i sometimes think its more like tht very essential cuppa of coffee you just cant do without it…hmmm… you know sayin that little prayer! you may never knw who mite need it..think of someone..friends , family i am sure….ur little word of prayer mite help someone somewher and make their otherwise screwed up day a wee better! :d
Try it out..say a little prayer..thank god for someone!and at the end of the day give tht person a call…i m sure they’ll have something gud to share about their day n dnt fret if they dnt..keep sayin tht word of prayer somewher..sometime i sure somebody will benefit from it! 🙂