10 reasons to welcome the summer! :)

I know a lot people who absolutely loathe summers…not like I am a great fan of summers but then i do love it minus the sweat!! (ha! i always loved it the easy way without having to sweat it out) 😀

There is nothing like a bright morning, the sun peeping through the window, blue skies ha! nature at its beautiful best.. so this post for the love of my fav city that i call home Dubai the city of sun, sand & surf and my home away from home Chennai yet again another city of loads of sun, sand & surf..n with sunshine in abundance so like the tiltle of the post goes..this is the top 10 reasons to welcome the summer!! 🙂

1. Plan that simple and refreshing brunch:
Been planning this with friends for long with friends or your partner? nw is the time to pull out those simple pancake recipes, fruit cocktails with loads of ice, freshly baked bread, cupcakes, topped with atrawberry jam! 🙂 & some good conversation! 🙂

2. Summer sales! : Ha how i love summer for this one reason! every outlet everywhere has a sale! out goes the wollen clothes and in come sthe flora tops, dresses, hats and lovely colours of everything possible. so now is the time to paint the town every bright colour possible, including red! 😀

3. Time to hit the beach: Spending an entire day at the beach is one of the best fun filled summer activities i look forward to. There is nothing like a quick walk on the beach, soaking in some sun, and getting wet head to toe isone of the many ways to beat the heat!

4. Amusement park : Redicovering the child in yourself & indulging your self in a few joy rides can be awesome fun !but then this doesn apply to me for i m one of those few ppl who cant go on any rides! i can stand down n scream with the ppl on the ride! 😀

5. Fruits, juices, milkshakes, fruit salads :
what better time to indulge in liquids of all kids fresh juices to exotic milkshakes to the most simple of it all nimbu panniiiii 🙂 i m addicted to it..all i can think of summer n driniking is nimbu panni! 🙂 oh and before i forget yummy fruit salads with cream /icecream.. big time healthy and also mommy wnt complain either! 🙂 erm..if this can also be included in the list..chilled beer also! 🙂

6. Summer GetawayS: time to say good-bye to to office work & bag your bag to hit the roads! there is nothing like going back packing into the hills, camping..and summer is the best time you can do it!so wat are you waiting for…summer’s calling! 🙂

7. Walk down history lane: for all the history buffs..there is no better time than summer to visit some of the heritage places in your city, they make an interesting time pass and also a good background for pictures

8. barbeQ time! : barbeQ’s n summer compliment each other so perfectly, time to get everyone together and barbQ the summer blues away!

9. a hammock, book & summer breeze: fit this also into ur perfect holiday.. lie down soak in the sun, enjoy to book and yes mayb catch up on a little afternoon seista!
10. colors: step aside black, dull greys and browns..its time to paint the pretty picture of a colourful rainbow.. psst..no better season than summer to even colour ur hair..the deep purples and burgundy also will catch some attention! 🙂

so all u out there! happy summers..lets jus not crib and find our reason to enjoy this beautiful season!