Rapunzel..Rapunzel let down thy hair……

{ver since i remember i have had this weird fascination to anyone who had long hair and THAT just turned into an obsession! Rapunzel used to be my fav fairytale and still continues to be.. for i imagine myself sitting my the window & throwing down my hair for prince charming! sigh* 😀  

Mom was always particular that i would be allowed to grow my hair only when she was confident i could manage it..but then had to agree all ‘coz i started learning dance and my dance master was insistent that we needed long hair and there began my journey…. Ever other girl who came my way with long hair was surely headed for trouble..little did they know that this kid wasn’t as sweet as she seems ..voila!! for i would be trying out all possible hairstyles on their hair! =D i lived in a world of fantasy & hence assumed that my hair would grow overnight and was very disappointed when it didn’t!! Imagine my parents got me false hair out of sheer frustration so that i would stop chasing guests away!! 😉 as time went by with growing my hair the routine the taking care of it also began..weekends were apart from homework time for hair care management yes in simple terms hot oil massage, home-made concoction that included a whole lot of things n eggs..a long shower and later shampooing = long beautiful soft hair … i have never really bothered about my hair coz mom was always there to take care of it… Realisation dawned only after i left home in pursuit of higher education the value of mt tresses hit me hard..the chennai the water killed my hair, i never really did any of the things moma did to my hair, grew my hair wild n long..and always tied it up jus coz it would go mad and i never knew how to style my hair…and kept it hidden however n whenever possible! Many long years have passed and it still hurts when i cut my hair..always feel like i m self inflicting pain on my self when i cut of my lovely locks…its only nw that i have attempted step cuts , razor cuts and more recently i have cut off most of my hair and have a side fringe…  Despite all this i could still scream anytime of the day and especially when i have to go for a function that i hate having such long tresses which still behaves badly, completely becomes unruly and gives me a tough time! 😦 I am up for the biggest challenge this week after the haircut..i have to attend a friend’s sangeet & then wedding on sat & sun…n i have everythind set except my hair! But then i comsole my self and say…hum honge kamiyab..hum honge kamiyab ek din with the hairdry & the hair straightener! =)

2 thoughts on “Rapunzel..Rapunzel let down thy hair……

  1. Oh my! This is a post I could easily have written! I love long tresses and anyone with one used to be my object of envy!

    I don’t even remember hair that fell beyond my shoulders till i get into college. And then, soon asfter, I came away to B’lore and the water here did no help. It became worse than coconut husk, i say! 😀 And then, finally, when it became unbearable (and I kept having one heartbreak after the other), I walked into L’oreal’s Limelite and did a smoothening!
    Oh my, I never even realised I had such long hair! It reached right up to my butt 😀

    Oh the agony of having to cut it! But I must say, ever since, I’ve had good, healthy hair, no hairfall…and good growth. I never understand why people who have really beautiful hair, in the name of fashion, chop it all off! Guess the grass is always greener on the other side!

    • ha! nw smoothening is something i should try! =) well all my friends say ennikku bhaiyankara ahankarama…becoz i for one keep hiding my hair and two i chop it off..but then wat to do it never falls the way i want it too! 😛 n thank u for stopping by..to read the blog! 😀

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