2 doors and the caramel pudding! :)

for those few regular readers of my blog..or my assumption that i do have regular readers…I for a change decided to blog about my very interesting married life!all about the 2 doors and the caramel pudding! 🙂

well i completed one month of adventurous married life(yayayyayaya)..ahem now with adventurous i mean you know the loves, the fights, the roothna mannana and a lot of thingsssss oops should cut the ‘sssss’. married life has been a really interesting phase..especially trying to cook something edible for everymeal..atleast once in two days…
and one on such day… i decided to test my culinary skills with my ‘Yan -can-cook’ decendent of a husband beside me we decided to go ahead make the dish, although it was nothing exquisite but something as simple as a caramel custard pudding..one of my favourite sweet dish and the most easiest and anyone can make it! 🙂

armed with my ingredients I set upon “mission caramel custard pudding” it all started on a good note with the bending in of the simple stuff like the sugar, eggs, condense milk etc…happy at being an accomplished chef i proceeded with great Elan to show my husband the next most easiest thing..caramalizing sugar! in went the sugar and the process started..just that I didnt know at which stage should i pour water into it!each time i did the sugar jus crystalized! frustrated at my attempt the only thing i did was just throw out everything and bang the kitchen n bedroom door( 2 doors) to burst into tears!

all this while my husband patiently watched the drama including the door banging sessions ( the things that he was most worried about was we wouldnt be able to afford extra costs for the door repair incase it was damaged! pah!! men I say!!) rushed to my side and did the usual..cajole me out of my bad mood and volunteer to help!!( not like i needed his help) 🙂

oh well! finally i did manage to make caramalized sugar and ended up making a super-duper pudding! i aint praising my self..swear u can ask anyone whose tried it! 😀
guess being married has its own sweet and bitter experiences..a few disasters a few wonderful moments..and few hugs a few kisses..above all someone to share it all with! 🙂

just wanted to tell ya my husband thank you for these moments!! 😀
p.s. Did i say u were cooking dinner tonight!! 😉