Change..up ahead!

6a00d83451e1dc69e20120a516b74a970b-800wiC.H.A.N.G.E : probably the most constant of elements in all our lives…change has with it the power to breathe new life into everything it touches. One of those laws of nature that however hard you try to fight you can never win that battle.

Change is everything we do, its there in the seasons, its there when that first tooth of yours falls off, its there when you take your first baby step, change comes when you fall in love, when you pack you bags and move away from home for the first time its there when you graduate from school or college, its there the first time somebody breaks your heart. Change changes everything around you, makes bells ring and has a whole band playing the first time you fall in love and meet your soulmate! 😀 it changes you, changes the very meaning of your existance….

but there is something abt change that makes you hesitate, that holds you back from taking that first step, that makes you not wanna let go off that hand that you always wanna hold onto! But change becomes inevitable….and we have to live with mite hurt, it might make you happy…but it will show you another facet of life that will make you a better person and make life worth living! 🙂