mainI am no relationship expert…and i guess i m someone who has learnt so much from each and everyone of it. I have been pondering over what’s to be written over the last few days and had a good fight inside my head with various topics and guess relationships won hands down.
One night as always one of my many conversation, helped shed a new perspective on how we can view relationships. Relationships are like windows…ya you read it right, of all kinds, shapes, sizes, patterns and architecture.When you look at at it, it is are the most essential part of any place…they bring in fresh air, light, enhances the beauty of the house/ whatever space we are talking about.
People are also like that..some have hearts as big as french windows,they show and share every aspect of their lives..all they need to do is just open their hearts and lives and there you can find the most beautiful of relationships. Then there are some which are like your normal windows,simple, nothing designer about them..they are the most deceptive of the lot..though small on the outside they might be concealing behind them something nice and beautiful, some people are such it takes a lot for them to let you in, and they believe in nothing fancy, they can are happy letting you in a spreading love and affection your style.

most of what we share are with each others are like windows, we control who we let in and how much of our lives do we keep open for them. with some its like those french windows..wide open and with some as time passes by what once was a big windows proceeds to become smaller…but do look at your life and those around you for they are like windows… i m sure you’ll find your self looking in an out of a window…a window of wide emotions..and a window through which you can build a beautiful relationship!


3 thoughts on “windows……

  1. A very well written piece indeed… and considering the fact that you spend a good part of your day peering thru that window, i’m sure there is more you can write about windows and the other aspects and interpretitions, so shall wait for more 🙂

    • yes yes..u knw i hve the best view in office..and ya..lookin through that window i day dream ;)…shall write more and thank you… for half the inspiration comes from you! 😀

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