its been a while since the last post and the last one was not all that happening.

For those who know me well kniw what my weekends are like,it’s loads of washing, cleaning & loafing ( read as windowshopping or just exploring the streets of Chennai).For me every week is like spring cleaning, i just dont understand how i can have so many things that i dnt want with me πŸ˜‰

This time round was this huge cardboard box full of book, pictures and a lot of things that were forgotten, and there yet again I had opened a pandora’s box of memories i saw pictures of friends and places and outings that were long forgotten and then i found something even more interesting, hand written notes, cards and a lot of hand made stuff…some of the handwriting on those notes were really sad but then they brought back lovely memories of the little things that I did to make someone happy and also notes that said i m forgiven for those misunderstandings that i have had with people.
Oh and yes for some reason I still had my report of the entertainment secretary..and all those comments i had written in between while the GB was in progress…. πŸ˜‰
It’s sad that nobody writes letters or notes anymore or let alone make cards for anyone!I am nt anti-email or anything, its jus that there is a charm to hand written stuff.a certain joy that is so evident on someone’s face when they see you have made an effort to make them or write them somethin nice!
guess somewhere down the line my love for writing letters began with writing letters to my grandparents.. mama’s way of making me improve my handwriting and ya some way to make me still instead of running round and talking! πŸ™‚
so i guess at the end of this post, i hope someone leaves me a little note and makes my days henceforth and i hope so too to write someone a note and make a card something i had long forgotten how to do!! so happy writing! πŸ™‚


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