Ain’t no sunshine when she is gone….

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.
It’s not warm when she’s away.
Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
and she’s always gone too long
anytime she goes away.

well this is one of her fav songs..and also features in one of her fav movies Notting hill! 🙂

these line perfectly describes how i feel abt the person i m dedicating this post to.. wanted it to be special…coz this one is dedicated to that someone special my soul sister Prani.. (my own sister pls dnt take offence to this..i love you as much as i love her)

My soul sister if i may say is completely crazy!! my world of sunshine she is… from throwing attitude,to giving dirty looks, to being the most spaced out person she is one of a kind!and i mean it she is ONE of a kind!

From a terrifyin senior to my soul sister it’s been a quiet a journey for two and her….i still remember meeting her the first time Main Middle bathroom ( c’mon nw don’t get dirty ideas) and trust me i hated her..i just couldn imagine that someone could be really nasty to a fresher! 😉

I m sure if you ask both us we wouldn’t know where and how we became such inseperable friends…. but all i knw is that every moment spent with her has always been a celebration of a kind. we have had our moments of complete maddness, wept our hearts out, gone for long walks around the campus, shared our respectives ‘highs’ ( well it was always her n never me) had girls day outs, watched movies together, contemplated over life, shared accessories, clothes and also gud friends.
It’s very rarely in life that you make those special friends who can complete a sentence even before u finish it, read your mind and even better we both were suffering sleeplessness together. I have always been known to follow her..all the way from wcc to mcc to living together now….

She now stands at the threshold to a new beginning….yes she is gettin married..on July 25th..with that an era of friendship is going to go through a change..i know her every fear, i knw wat’s on her mind…i knw wat’s going to make her smile and i knw wats not going to…but through this all i am sure i will always be her best friend and she mine..for this is a lifetime of friendship and sisterhood that will i m sure will stand the test of time!
I ‘ll be there on her D-day to usher her into that world of happoness and to always make sure that she stays happy! 🙂 love ya here’s to us…and our friendship…Cheers!

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