Dad..miss you loads!!

dad n his daughters

dad n his daughters

This one has been long pending…the whole world has written, run promotions, organized games..all of it..for Father’s Day! Been thinking i’ll dedicated this post to dad..and hence wanted it to be put before d-dAY, but due certain unforseen circumstances this has been written now!

Dad’s… i m sure jus this one wonder and i m sure each of us have a million stories, a million memories all of it tht i m sure will make us smile…and such is my dad! My early memories are the one’s with dad where i was his constant companion while he went to work..sightseeing, sleeping, eating, drinkin all of it i did in the backseat of that car! one constantly hungry child i used to be!:D this later one became trips to school n back wher we were constantly late thanks to dad! he used to spend more time in front of the mirror than me n my sis combined together. 🙂 dad i think has always been there..from helpin me for my always weak math to diagrams in science to taking me out to but those last min stuff for art has always been there.

somewhere down the time went by we became less of friends…probably my outbursts, my fite with self, rebellion all of it somehow added fuel to the fire… there were time when we couldn see eye to eye on things..but also there were times we have shared out moments times when he has stood by me…supporting me when mama fought with me, encouraging me to take up writing or that occasional dig that he wld take at me.. 🙂 I think my sister wld have more memories..espc of those times when he was mastering the art of e-mailing and being net savy!! :d

now 7 years away from home..each time i visit home I see a changed dad…a more calmer dad, a dad who is willing to listen, a dad who has let his daughter’s find their place under the sun..silently watching and always assuring us that he is there to hold and support if we fall!
I sometimes miss him, when i have to make that occassional financial decision or at crossroads!I miss him!

I have never asked dad if he’s ever felt bad that he hasn had son’s…i am nt curious…i m at peace with myself…i m sure he is proud of us…and happy tht he knws that he has us to fall back on when he needs us! here’s to u dad! from me n Vina!
“B’lated but..Happy Father’s Day!!” 😀


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