Becoming Radha…..

“Radha marks the existence of Krishna, for she is his soul. While the trinity and the three worlds bow to Krishna; Krishna himself bows to Radha. Radha’s beauty, love, devotion and power create the ethics of love.”- i picked these lines from a Times of India article that I was reading…

Ah! such beautiful words that describes this wonderful relationship between Radha and Krishna! It’s not everyday that somebody describes this favorite couple with such ease. Destiny brings with it people and relationships that cant be given names…and life gave me my Krishna…till yesterday I didn’t know how to describe what I felt and shared with you…and these lines just describes you and me perfectly… those lines just put in place what you and me have been trying to figure out!

Through this journey of life, we have shared every day with each other, every emotion, every worry and our lives have become so intertwined that it’s impossible to think of existing without you…. Never have I known such feeling of love for anyone…and never have I trusted someone who my every fear, every joy and every thought I know I can share with you with such ease that….its never been this way with anyone… I know things will change and I will always remain Radha…the one who is always your favorite, the one who will love and knows will be loved…but never be yours!

I, your Radha am sure always be a part of your existence…all I ask hence is to let me love you…and go on loving you…knowing very well that I cant have you!

8 thoughts on “Becoming Radha…..

    • wel..its a very simple concept…radha is krishna’s fav consort, his entire world… he, but ended up being married to’s like that…its gives up ppl to share everythin with..but rarely tht same person to be with for your entire life! 🙂 i hope its clear now.

  1. now I know. Krishna did not give up Radha. Rukmani was the daughter of a demon called Bishmaka. Her brother Sishupal did not like Krishna. However Rukmani was always in love with Krishna. She wrote a letter to Krishna to free her from the terror of her brother by taking her away or she said she would take her own life away. So Krishna did not give up a relation for another. He saved Rukmani becasue it was the RIGHT thing to do. He went by the laws of Divine justice in love.

    • nw you knw y they say everything is fair in love and war! 🙂 n looks like u did quiet a lot of research of radha, krishna and rukmani…

  2. Krishna goes by DHARMA -justice. The laws of duty and justice. He is symbol of love but spiritual love is different from the idea of ordinary human love. Therefor people make the mistake of thinking that Krishna had a number of wives so that they too can get away with many relationships. But our relationships are HUMAN. His was bound by divine laws. That was love on a celestial plane. Ours is bound by the rules of body and society. The Shiva school of love is again different. He was a one woman man – again bound by absolute spiritual discipline. First he had Sati and when she died he was broken. He became RUDRA and recluse who shut himself in the Himalayas. And then when he married Parvathi, he was loyal to her -absolutely. I follow the Shiva path.

    Thanks for your patience.

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